David Leyland-Harris

  • MSc Physical Therapy, Queens University
  • Bachelors degree in Physical and Health Education/Science, Queens University

D ave graduated from Queen's university both with his Bachelors degree in Physical and Health Education/Science as well as his Master's in Physiotherapy. During his time at Queen's Dave became heavily involved in the strength and conditioning program of the school and worked with a variety of sports teams at the university (in particular hockey and football). It was through this work he realized the effect proper training can have on athletes' performance and he wanted to pursue more.

Over his career Dave has had the opportunity to work with many high level athletes from the NHL, NFL, CFL, AHL, CHL, and other athletes pursuing high performance.

Injuries can plague an athlete's career and he wanted to pursue a field where he could help athletes not only stay training, but to stay on their field of play as well.

Since being a physiotherapist Dave has focused his work on using manual therapy, dry needling (IMS) and, exercise to help individuals move better. As an Assistant Instructor for the dry needling company Kinetacore, Dave is very competent in using this tool to help manage pain and movement dysfunctions. In combination with his extensive background in athletic training Dave is able to make athletes feel comfortable that he knows the demands they place on their bodies. He is excited to be at Canopy with a lot of great practitioners and looks forward to helping any clients that are in need.

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