Flexibility Training

This training is suitable for any athlete of any age who is looking to improve their lines and maximize their passive and active flexibility. Flexibility training can also seriously benefit power-based athletes such as hockey and tennis players to prevent injury.


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Dancers move their body in so many ways and flexibility training can give the dancer the edge to execute controlled movements with the amplitude, knee extension and toe point craved by all dancers.

Fitnastika fitness Vancouver creates a personalized training plan that fits personal lifestyle, diet and physical abilities
Figure skaters

As skaters dance across the ice they are constantly showing intricate dance movements with the added challenge of carrying skates on their feet. Flexibility training will help the skater to lift their leg higher and bend their back further all the while showing beautiful knee extension.

at fitnastika fitness vancouver every session is carefully monitored by the trainer and adjusted as needed

Will improve lines and body awareness in the female or male gymnast. Active flexibility is a key component of the sport and the body needs focused time to develop proper technique, resulting in greater amplitude both in choreography and acrobatic movements on all events.

at fitnastika fitness vancouver every session is carefully monitored by the trainer and adjusted as needed
Other circus arts

flexibility or contortion training will give any circus artist the range of motion needed to perform all the unique skills of the circus world. Corine also has extensive hand balancing training which can be combined with flexibility to create a high quality act, demonstrating breathtaking body control.

Train with Corine Latreille

Corine Latreille, co-founder and personal trainer at Fitnastika Fitness in Vancouver

Corine Latreille

co-founder, personal trainer

In addition to 16 years of experience as an athlete, performer and coach, Corine is an NCCP Level 2 certified artistic gymnastics coach, ACE certified Personal Trainer, and a Pre/Postnatal Fitness instructor. Corine has trained with some of the most sought-after Russian flexibility coaches in the world. Corine’s deep knowledge of human body and leadership skills helped her become a contortion captain at Cirque de Soleil, training and stretching the contortionists prior to each show. She now works with youth and adult athletes and helps them achieve their athletic goals through personal and flexibility training.

corine's story
Personal training studio founded by Cirque-de-Soleil gymnasts and athletes

our roots

Fitnastika Fitness was founded in Vancouver by Corine Latreille and Sergey Nazarov back in 2013. Sergey and Corine met while they were both performing at Cirque de Soleil with an award-winning show Kooza.

Prior to their time at Cirque, Corine and Sergey had successful careers in artistic gymnastics and acro-sport, competing professionally in gymnastics in Canada and Russia, respectively. At the age of nineteen, Corine joined l’Ecole nationale de cirque in Montreal, majoring in acrobatic Hand to Hand with a minor in Handstands. One of her proudest moments was performing alongside Avril Lavigne at the closing ceremonies of the 2006 Torino Olympic Games. In turn, Sergey was an acro-sport National Team member and Captain for over 10 years. Sergey competed and became the winner of many international tournaments, world and continental championships.

Making Vancouver their home, Corine and Sergey wanted to share their passion for health and fitness with everyone. Their biggest joy is seeing people improve their lives through healthy diet and exercise, accomplish their goals and push the boundaries of their physical limitations.

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