junior athletic training

Jr. Athletic training is excellent for all young athletes to develop body awareness and confidence in themselves. It is also key in injury prevention for those participating intensely in competitive sports. Athletic training can help with the challenges of the constant physical changes taking place in a young, growing body.

fitnastika fitness works with Tennis Canada Association for junior athletic training fitnastika fitness works with Tennis British Columbia Association for junior athletic training

We have partnered with Tennis Canada and Tennis BC to help young athletes perform their best, avoid athletic injuries and build body awareness.

Our process

every client at Fitnastika Fitness Vancouver is assessed invidiually to create a personalized training program

We meet with the athlete to assess their physical needs and determine the goals for the training. We follow up with parents and/or coaches to hear more about specific improvements they would like to be made in the athlete's performance.

Fitnastika fitness Vancouver creates a personalized training plan that fits personal lifestyle, diet and physical abilities

A program is designed around those specific goals, the trainer's assessment and the athlete's athletic and school schedule. It includes an in & out of the gym program, exercises and nutritional advice.

at fitnastika fitness vancouver every session is carefully monitored by the trainer and adjusted as needed

The athlete is supported by their trainer in and out of the gym. We assess the progress and carefully monitor and adjust the program if needed based on the athlete's progress and their constantly evolving physical and mental condition.

Benefits of athletic training for youth

Most sports are asymmetrical, meaning there is usually a dominant and a non-dominant side to the performance. As a child grows those imbalances grow with them. Proper and consistent Athletic Training can help to reduce these muscular imbalances and therefore contribute significantly to injury prevention in the short and long-term, going into adulthood.

Additionally, many young athletes and coaches see the benefits of "dry land training" and those athletes participate in specific athletic training sessions may see themselves rise to the top more quickly than others.

  • Reduce muscular imbalances caused by assymetrical sports
  • Short & long-term Injury prevention
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Increase in body awareness
  • Increase muscular & cardiovascular endurance
  • Increase & maintain mobility in a growing body
  • Build confidence and strength

Sports we work with

tennis-specific training programs

Due to a single-side dominating character of the sport, our main goal is to help athletes maintain body balance and injury prevention of overused body parts & muscles. We use anti-rotational and stability exercises to achieve that, while guiding developing individual to the highest competitive level.

golf-specific training programs

Golf is a single-side dominant sport and requires a lot of balance, rotational power and high concentration for long periods of time. Golf-specific training programs focus on strength of the back kinetic chain, as well as mobility of ankles, hip flexors, and T-spine. To prevent injuries we include anti-rotational exercises, shoulder stability and precision training.

hockey-specific training programs

Playing hockey requires a lot of power, body control, speed, strength and skills on the ice. During training sessions we not only work on athlete’s physical qualities, but also coach them to combine it all together and rationally use it in the gym and on the ice. We work to prevent overuse of hip flexors and lower back by keeping glutes and core active, and keeping lower extremities and T-spine mobile.

skating-specific training programs
Figure Skating

Figure skating is a complex, coordination- and aesthetics-oriented sport. The biggest challenge for an athlete is flexibility, great body control and high repetition ratio. It requires high-precision and physically demanding performance with ease and elegance. We help athletes maintain body balance, achieve understanding of body mechanics, strength and flexibility.

gymnastics-specific training programs

As a sport gymnastics requires extensive body weight conditioning, hours at the gym, repetition and correct form. Our goal as trainer is to ensure movements are performed correctly and to help the athlete develop basic and specific strength, power, as well as to prevent injuries. We design training programs to focus on core stability, flexibility, shoulder stability, lower body power, and overall body mobility.

snowboarding-specific training programs

Snowboarding is a unique and very un-intuitive sport that requires coordination, core strength, power, and enormous strength of the lower body. Snowboarding-specific training programs focus on the back kinetic chain, core stability, rotational and anti-rotational exercises, and mobility maintenance.

cycling-specific training programs

Cycling is an endurance- and power-based sport with an abundance of repetitive movements. Most common overuse injuries include hip tightness and thoracic spine limitations due to the forward body positioning of bikers. Cycling-specific training programs focus on keeping the athlete's body mobile, strengthening the thoracic spine to alleviate neck and shoulder tension, as well as improving glutes to keep them functioning to their full potential while on the bike.

dance-specific training programs

Beautiful elegant performance on stage requires flexibility, great body control and strength. Every dancer is different; some need more work on strength, some more work on flexibility, so we approach every athlete individually. However, overarching goal of every training program is ensuring that all body parts function to their full potential.

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our trainers

Corine Latreille, co-founder and personal trainer at Fitnastika Fitness in Vancouver

Corine Latreille

co-founder, personal trainer

In addition to 16 years of experience as an athlete, performer and coach, Corine is an NCCP Level 2 certified artistic gymnastics coach, ACE certified Personal Trainer, and a Pre/Postnatal Fitness instructor.

Corine's story
Sergey Nazarov, co-founder and personal trainer at Fitnastika Fitness in Vancouver

Sergey Nazarov

co-founder, personal trainer

BA in Physical Education and Sports Coaching, ISSA (International Sports Science Association) Certified Personal Trainer, TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Golf Fitness Instructor.

Sergey's story
Andrew Tsia, personal trainer at Fitnastika Fitness in Vancouver

Andrew Tsia

personal trainer

Bachelor’s of Kinesiology at UBC, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, FMS Level 1.

Andrew's story
Personal training studio founded by Cirque-de-Soleil gymnasts and athletes

our roots

Fitnastika Fitness was founded in Vancouver by Corine Latreille and Sergey Nazarov back in 2013. Sergey and Corine met while they were both performing at Cirque de Soleil with an award-winning show Kooza.

Prior to their time at Cirque, Corine and Sergey had successful careers in artistic gymnastics and acro-sport, competing professionally in gymnastics in Canada and Russia, respectively. At the age of nineteen, Corine joined l’Ecole nationale de cirque in Montreal, majoring in acrobatic Hand to Hand with a minor in Handstands. One of her proudest moments was performing alongside Avril Lavigne at the closing ceremonies of the 2006 Torino Olympic Games. In turn, Sergey was an acro-sport National Team member and Captain for over 10 years. Sergey competed and became the winner of many international tournaments, world and continental championships.

Making Vancouver their home, Corine and Sergey wanted to share their passion for health and fitness with everyone. Their biggest joy is seeing people improve their lives through healthy diet and exercise, accomplish their goals and push the boundaries of their physical limitations.

book a free consultation

Book a 45-minute session with us and tell us what your needs, goals and challenges are. We'll create a program tailored specifically to you.